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The Amvensys Foundation: Improving the Quality of life for a Better Future!

The Amvensys Foundation was formed to fund charitable causes for education and the alleviation of poverty and homelessness with support from community-based organizations, national organizations and the Foundation's affiliated companies. The Foundation's goal is to play a sustainable role in encouraging and fostering education to empower indigent children and youth in society by giving scholarships and grants to students interested in pursuing higher learning and to provide grants to organizations who share our mission.

Linking corporate business competitiveness with social development initiatives, the Foundation is acting as a catalyst for change in the lives of disadvantaged children, youth and other citizens to eliminate poverty through education. The Foundation is a non-profit subsidiary of ACG, which strongly believes that education is an integral part of the social fabric and works towards supporting basic education and literacy amongst impoverished children and youth through the Foundation.

The Foundation was established in 2011 and has achieved great things in a short period of time. Our inaugural scholarships were awarded in December 2012 for the Spring-2013 school semester. The Foundation's Scholarship Committee selected 15 excellent and inspiring candidates to serve as our first group of Amvensys Scholars. In addition to a financial award, each scholar will receive personalized contact and encouragement throughout the program. The Foundation also recently completed its second annual book-drive benefitting Room to Read, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting literacy and gender equality in education throughout the world.

The Foundation will continue to build collaborations with other organizations and corporate vendors with the ultimate goal of always giving back to those in need and furthering its objective of alleviating poverty and homelessness through education.
For more information or to participate in the work of the Foundation, please visit or e-mail